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Hello, an introduction

Hello. My name is Meghan and this is my first blog. I live in a rural town that is situated on the Pacific Ocean and I have lived here for 4 years. This part of the world is called the Sunshine Coast and this part of the Ocean is called the Salish Sea. I love living in a small community because I grew up in one and it feels familiar to me. I have 2 young adult boys and they both want to live in big cities now. They have ben raised in small towns and I am curious if they will stay in cities or move to smaller towns as they get older.

I am a Social worker and I work in the disability field. I got my degree 6 years ago and have been working full time in my field for 4 years now. I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds and abilities and I love to help people navigate through systems that are complicated and intimidating.

I am looking forward to learning about blogs and other social media tools.